Friday, February 26, 2010

crazy stress but oh so excited!!

I have been stressed a bit with the selling of our house, buying a new house, packing my entire house, and moving by the middle of next month. It was supposed to be the end of next month but the buyers of our house want to move in alot sooner (they are getting very excited to be in a new house, I think). I was feeling really stressed out and I took it out on my husband the other day, and then I started to cry. The first thing that Erik asked me was, "Are you pregnant???" I laughed so hard that I snorted! :) I am very thankful for a husband that always makes me feel sane again after a mental breakdown.

To make things way more complicated, we are going on a cruise tomorrow and all I am going to do the whole time is worry about the packing that isn't getting done and my boys what are going to be staying with family. I really am trying to get my mind into the vacation and think of it as a getaway and not worry about anything. I am going to need a vacation after this vacation.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My test of patience!

I feel like it will never end! We put our house up for sale a few weeks ago and I feels like it has been forever and that it is never going to sell. I know I'm probably being impatient, but I just really want to be in the new house. Maybe we aren't supposed to move???? I just feel like maybe there is a reason that the house isn't selling; hopefully the reason is that the housing market is going to go down again and we will be able to find a bigger house for the price that we are willing to pay. If it's bigger that the one we have an offer right now, then it would be worth the wait. I just don't like waiting!!!!!! GRRRRR LOL

If this is a test of my patience then I think I failed miserably

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010


So, I got to photograph a wedding this weekend and it was quite an experience! I realized that I need to be more assertive and really get in there. I was very sad with a lot of the pictures because the bride and groom were not willing to let me pose them for the great shots that I had in mind. They wanted to be "spontaneous", and I guess I'm just not that great of a photographer yet to get the good shot while they were doing their thing. I did get some of the shots that I wanted but it was like pulling teeth!!! So, hence the frustration! I will be posting the shots that I like the best in the next posting.